Home and Business waste removal at Kirkstall Waste Recycling Center


Our mission is to Recycle.

Providing you man and van service style we're helping to reduce 1000s tons of rubbish every year being dumped at the local landfills.

Once the material is sorted, it will be sent to reprocessing companies to be turned into new materials and products.

The items that can be reused will be sent to charity shops or new home users.

Waste that can't be reused will be sent to Leeds or Wakefield Recycling Centres to be recycled consistently with UK environmental regulations.


How we work


Book your Free No-Obligation Quote! 

We'll estimate your rubbish disposal costs by visiting your property at your most convenient time.

Alternatively, you can send us pictures of your rubbish and we will get back to you with an approximate quotation.


You don't have to worry about sorting your waste! Providing you two-man and van labor we'll take care of it all!

It's not necessary for you to stay at home. Once the rubbish is collected from your property we'll email you 'Before' and 'After' pictures.



You can lower your quote and help us to Recycle your unwanted household or business furniture. Instead of dumping decent condition items, we're Reusing them by finding a new home or users.  


The broken items and rubbish that can't be reused by the home or business users will be sent to Wakefield or Leeds Recycling Centers to be turned to the new materials.