1. How can I claim my Free Quote?

  2. What type of waste can you collect?

  3. How can you help me to reduce my quote?

  4. Does your company hold insurance and license to do this job?

  5. What happens after you had collected the waste from my property?

  6. Do I have to stay in my property on the waste collection day?

  7. What payment do you accept?

  8. How can you prove my waste will be legally disposed of?


1) How can I claim my Free Quote?

*If you are looking to clear-out your property we can book you for a Free Quote by visiting your site to estimate the total quote with no obligation fee!

*Take a photo of your rubbish - email to us and we will get back to you within 3 hours.

*Call us using our free number 0800 06 221 06 

*Fill out the short form - if you have personalized queries regarding a full property clearance.

2) What type of waste can you collect?

We can dispose of any non-hazardous or non-contaminating waste;

Furniture: sofa, mattress, table, chair, wardrobe...

Appliances: dishwasher, fridge, cooker, TV/monitor, computer...

Confidential Data: Hard Drives, Confidential Documents.

Dry mixed waste: metal, cardboard, clothes.

3) How can you help me to reduce my Quote?

We can help to reduce your quote by recycling your unwanted furniture, finding them a new home, or users. (*furniture must be in a decent condition).

4) Does your company insured and have a waste carrier license to do this job?

Yes. Our company is fully licensed to complete the waste collection and disposal. We are covered with Public Liability Insurance against any damage caused to your property due to relocating your furniture or collecting the waste.

5) What happens after you had collected the waste from my property?

After clearing-out your premises we take the remaining material to our recycle reading depot for items processing. Here it will be sorted for recycling or will be earmarked to Leeds or Wakefield Waste Recycling Centres. 
Once the material is sorted, it is sent to reprocessing companies to be turned into new materials and products.
Waste that cannot be recycled will be sent to be recycled consistently with UK and EU environmental regulations.

6) Do I have to stay in my property on the waste collection day?

No. It is not necessary to stay in your property due to the waste collection. The orange team will send you a notification by phone or email on the collection day before arrival. After the job has been completed we will send you a confirmation with the photographs Before and After waste collection.

7) What payments do we accept?

We accept the Bank Transfer, PayPal, or Cash.

8) How you can prove my waste has been legally disposed of and carried?

Before proceeding the waste collection we will email you The Maintenance Booking Form with all the company's details. Using our Waste Carrier Broker Number: CBDU353091 you can check our License on https://environment.data.gov.uk/public-register/view/index

The Maintenance Form can be used as proof that you do not take any responsibility for the waste that has been collected from your premises by Orange Clearance Ltd.

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