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House Clearance Tips

Rubbish clearance service team carrying rubbish
House clearance service

Read our simple house clearance tips below.

  1. Search for your nearby rubbish removal services that provide unwanted furniture recycling. It should help to reduce your house clearance quote.

  2. Look for the companies that offer free visit quotes so that you can compare the waste removal price with other house clearance companies.

  3. Remove as much rubbish as you can by using your local waste recycling centers. Find the link with your local waste recycling center in Leeds here.

  4. Sort your rubbish. It will help you reduce costs per labour.

  5. Check who you choose. Don't forget to check the waste carrier's license and ask for the bill or invoice as proof of your waste collection. There are many cases in the UK where the people were victims of choosing the fake companies who were fly-tipping the waste on illegal sites.


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