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Due to the end of tenancy or selling your property sometimes can be stressful to find reliable contractors to remove your waste and to move the remaining furniture you may wish to keep and safely be relocated to your new location.


By choosing our SMART MOVE option we'll take care of it all!

We offer you a 20% discount saving your expenses on removal services.

Having 10 Years of Experience, we have completed a large number of Home & Business Clearance Projects in the UK, successfully have cleared-out all rubbish from the property, and securely have moved the remaining items to preferred locations. 

Orange Clearance relocating business furniture
Orange Clearance providing a free storage unit

Smart Move

You do not have to worry about dealing with multiple contractors to fully complete your premises clearance.

We will save you time by removing the waste from your property and help you to relocate the remaining furniture to your new location, whatever the size, to bigger or to smaller premises.

Free Storage Solution

By choosing our Smart Move option you can make your buildings go faster. We will offer you 20ft storage container free of charge for up to 14 days, temporarily keeping away your furniture and safely delivered back after refurbishment completion.