Vending Machine Transportation in the UK by Orange Clearance Limited.

Heavy Load Disposal & Transport 


The New Automatic Stair Climber is a mind-blowing technology that will beat all Health & Safety improvements! It has been developed worldwide for over 40 years. The only one authorized to operate in the London Underground stations. Approval was obtained after numerous tests required to pass the strict and selective standards required by London Underground.

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Easier & Safer than Ever!

Bulky Goods Removal & Delivery

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Bulky items removal services in the UK by Orange Clearance Limited Company.
Vending machine transportation in Leeds town by Orange Clearance Limited.


Using the latest Automatic Stair Climber technology we will safely deliver or remove your Large Items just with one-finger control! Thanks to the non-marking crawler tracks, your goods can be transported on any surface including irregular, curved steps and narrow corridors!

New ideas with Orange Clearance Limited.

Easier & Safer Than Ever!

Manual labour work does not have to be back-breaking or dangerous anymore. Our Certified and fully trained member of staff completely safe dispose of your goods and resolve the problems related to transport on staircases once and for all in a definitive way.

Easier and safer bulky items transportation.


  •  Heavy Loads up to 400kg

  • Safes

  • Photocopiers

  • Automatic Vending Machines

  • Kitchen Appliances, etc.


Bulky Load Transportation is suitable for going up/downstairs, including any form of irregular/curved stairs, and moving over any type of flooring.


We provide a nationwide Heavy Goods Disposal and Transportation to any types of business premises.

Dealing with Bulky Loads has never been so easy! It is a mind-blowing solution for narrow corridors, irregular or curved stairs. Using the latest Automatic Stair Climber Technology we will safely remove any type of Large Items for up to 400kg!

Every item we are carrying is matters for us to ensure your safety and guarantee you our reliability leaving all issues back of your mind!


Providing our Trusted Waste Management Solution Services we are proud to Guarantee you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!   

If you have any personalized query for Business Waste Removal or Delivery please contact us for more information on 0800 118 2919. 

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